This OpenSearch website is for the thought of open access on practice. That means our services are free to everyone in anywhere.

We provides the service to discovery contents from preprint system and institutional repositories that deposited the outcome of public funded research under open access policies of funding agencies, research institutions, universities, government, we provides content could be under clear open license that also from E-journal s or publishers, therefore the content end-users searched are copyrighted materials but unnecessary to received permission from the authors or copyright holders, in summary is that this search engine is only for a service to linking such systems and easy to find out their content and we are not hold or select such content but end-users can rest assured what they have easy searched things.

As end-user of computer or/and mobile devices , your privacy and cookies are protected by using anonymization and periodically deleted approach.

The infrastructure locals in China mainland , as well as any distributed cluster servicers in the world, its service and itself should and must compliance local laws, the related laws are below:

  • Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China
  • Implementing Regulations of The Copy right Law of the People's Republic of China
  • The law of network security of People's Republic of China

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